“We Are Live” Joins Adam Carolla On Stage at The Pageant

Travis Terrell and Chris Denman, hosts of “We Are Live,” joined Adam Carolla on stage during the popular comedian’s show at The Pageant Saturday night.

Denman – AKA “The Wolfe of Wash Ave.” – writes below on how he and Travis started their show and what led to them forming a relationship with Carolla and his team.

NOTE: A photo gallery of the event will be posted soon:

Slammed door, basketball thrown in the closet, Blink 182 album turned down, 5 disk changer (with tape player) turned off…. its 1998 and it’s time for Loveline on MTV. The show where Dr. Drew and quick witted verbal sharp shooter, Adam Carolla dissect problems of a sexual nature where even 13 year old Chris can tune in from Farmington, MO. They included bands like Chumba Wumba, and celebs like Pam Anderson in discussions with nightly callers. It was the perfect mix of 90’s pop culture, TV, radio, listener interaction, and taboo (kids, this was pre Pornhub.. and we didn’t always have time to access the printer to have our senses tingled). Where else could you hear about girls dumping guys for insisting on strange sex, a man pondering why yet another girlfriend has dumped him, and many other age appropriate carolla-denmandiscussions that became a must for me to cackle, question, and be intrigued with.

The topics covered were ahead of their time (Adam and Drew SCREAMING about vaccines, condoms, and sensible discussions on irrational subjects) It was the perfect storm of my hormones, Dr Drew’s legitimacy, and Carolla’s comedic talent…I was hooked. This led to listening in my car to the radio version of Loveline at night driving around aimlessly after basketball practice and I’d even time my Sunday drives back to Columbia during college so The Point’s station reach would be in range the majority of the drive. Following Adam from TV to radio to The Man Show, Crank Yankers, and just about anything he was a part of became part of my entertainment musts.

Fast forward to 2009, my younger brother who is now living in California, says to me “Carolla is doing something called a podcast, you HAVE to listen to it, its great and even YOU can figure out how to download it.” He had a point.. I’m not the most tech savvy individual, but you know what? That’s OK. Adam Carolla isn’t either, and he may have not realized it in 2009.. but the junior college dropout who admittedly could hardly read a large portion of his life, was at the tip of the spear of a new, legitimate form of reaching people who want to consume content based around his talents. Oddly enough, utilizing computers and phones.. not exactly the carpenter and car enthusiasts forte.

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How about one more time jump? 2015, I’m running my own business (to varying degrees of failure and success), my good friend Travis is back in Saint Louis, and the alcohol influenced “We should look into doing a podcast” water testing is growing. (You know when you tell a new romantic interest “It’d be hilarious if we made out…RIGHT?!”, that kind of conversation with not as much making out) Hmmm, we’re 31 and no one cares what we have to say… its 2015, not 2009, EVERYONE has a podcast. How do we not waste our time and do a show where we can talk to people we enjoy?

carolla-denman-terrellEnter Timothy Michael McKernan, President of insideSTL and the host of the only “radio” show I worked into my listening rotation of Carolla, Joe Rogan, Mark Maron, Greg Fitzsimmons, and other conversational-style programs. The opportunity to give the evening slot a go was available. After ignoring Tim’s (extremely valid) warnings of radio being a tough mountain to climb, Travis and I essentially said “(screw) it.. neither of us are married, no kids, why not give it a shot”?

Applying some sales principles, learning with help from the insideSTL team, Travis’ creativity, and my general ability to annoy people just enough to do our show, we started booking guests. From day one I had one business model in mind and one guest we had to have, the answer to both of those is the same name: Adam Carolla.

Carolla has now appeared on We Are Live! three separate times, with one in particular netting us the opportunity to be guests on his live podcast in front of our home city, our friends, family, and his fans. I’ve seen his live shows in Los Angeles (with Travis), Kansas City, Seattle, and now as I type this I’m still not quite fully grasping how unique and satisfying this is to have this kind of opportunity. One of my heroes, his amazing co hosts, and a great friend on stage at The Pageant. We are live, indeed.

Apathetically yours,

Wolf of Wash Ave