We Are Live!: Full Show LIVE from Fairway Automotive

Lebron went full scorched-earth in his rebuttal to Sir Charles, a rash (tehe) of jokes against Travis pour in thanks to Chris, Terry Yake joins the show to save the bottom of the hour and talk about his appreciation of the All-Star weekend activities, why 3v3 was better than 5v5 and continues his campaign for Bettman’s job by brings up amazing changes to the ASG

It looks like another Grammys boycott is brewing with artists like Kanye West, Justin Beiber, Drake and more announcing they’ll participate, some discussion on the ridiculousness of the last night’s media frenzy in Houston

Pat Imig joins LIVE on location at Fairway Automotive for another edition of Pardon the Imig, as we get a personal experience on a Super Bowl media night, why no one likes to hear the media complain anyway, how it would be nice to see Chris Long win and more, Fair…or Foul wraps up the show with another slate you can’t miss