We Are Live!: Full Show

With the bad news coming in on the Cardinals, and Chris out for the first part of the show, the gang goes full sports-talk as we break down what a potential Alex Reyes injury could do to the 2017 Cardinals, Denman arrives and we get into the real, WAL-standard kind of topic–how do you react if your girl proposes to you?

We are joined by our benevolent sponsor, Andy Hannigan, to dive right into another giveaway for the best pickup line sent to Andy…and oh dear god almighty, who the hell ARE our listeners?!

Pat Imig joins for another edition of Pardon The Imig, talking about the potential Reyes injury, the non-story that is the White House non-visits and whether or not this Floyd v. McGregor fight might actually happen, Fair…or Foul gets underway to end the show and we get Travis’ future out of the way quick.