We Are Live!: Full Show

The show kick off the only way it could–what the f*** happened last night in SBLI? Terry Yake joins at the bottom of the hour to talk about the Blues, especially the changes coming after the Fabbri injury, plus a Canadian’s thoughts on the big game, a little Friday night recap talk about Mike Lee and Carlie’s standup act

Another edition of your favorite new segment, Tops…and bottoms, as we go around the horn and every gives their top and bottom from the week, Travis and Gaines take some time at the end of the segment to rip into the Pro Football HoF voters for their reasons behind again snubbing Terrell Owens

Pardon the Imig kicks off the last segment of the day with a heavy emphasis on a crazy Super Bowl last night and all kinds of good thoughts as Kurt Warner is headed to the Pro Football Hall of Fame