“Voice of the Blues” Chris Kerber Discusses Jake Allen’s Play, Team’s 3-0 Series Lead

KMOX’s Chris Kerber, “The Voice of the Blues,” joined The Hardline to discuss the excellent play of Jake Allen and the Blues 3-0 series lead over the Wild.

Read a couple excerpts and listen to the full interview below:

Have you ever seen anything like Jake Allen’s performance these past three games?

“We’ve seen goaltending like this before, but he’s backstopping a really strong team game right now. It just shows you how important goaltending can be. The goaltending in this series has been doggone good. But Jake Allen has had to have been (extra good) to give the Blues a chance to win because of how good Devan Dubnyk has been.”

Fox Sports’ Andy Strickland on How Blues Have Gained 3-0 Lead Over Wild

“There hasn’t been a lot of that second and third opportunities. Jake Allen has just been smothering pucks and preventing the Wild from getting extra chances.”

On the Blues preventing the Wild from getting fast-break scoring opportunities:

“They’re making the Wild put the puck back in and chip around and get the puck on the forward side. And it’s playing into the Blues hands. But Minnesota has done a great job…of winning some key puck battles.”