Tuesday’s Show Synopsis……

Ben Boyd, Tue, 24 Jun 2008 17:36:00 GMT

Tuesday's Show Synopsis


Joe Buck was on Dave Letterman last night, and Producer Joe is working on getting the sound in the system so the guys can hear it…..

tim won a tournament online to play in the world series of poker, and cat sincerely congratulated him…..jim edmonds is in st. louis and he will come on the show if he is awake……cat is redoing his upstairs bathroom, and he convinced edmonds that it is a good investment, so jim is going to give cat $10,000……tim has the option of taking the $10,000 and keeping it instead of playing in the tournament, but he would have to pay approximately 35% of that in taxes……cat said he would end up giving his house away for a $1 if he tried to play poker online……tim’s marriage anniversary is the first day of the tournament, and she gave him her blessing to play…..tim would probably do a happy dance if he does well.

Edmonds told Cat that he could sign his name at his restaurant when he eats there…..Tim is going to start harassing Edmonds with texts around 8….The guys didn’t ever think Jim was done and they are impressed that he still handles centerfield as well as he is…..Tim told Edmonds that he is going to miss out by not investing in him because he is going to do well in the tourney……Doug asked Tim to not do any coffee housing when he is playing out there. Coffee housing is when you start talking up when you have a good hand……Tim said if he wears a Poker Stars shirt, they will give him $1000…… The guys wonder if Joe Strauss has a goal of playing in the World Series of Poker…….


Derrick Goold:
Derrick stayed in St. Louis on this road trip……It’s a Rick Hummel special…….Cat would rather go to Cincinnati than Detroit……Derrick misses the Pizza Poppalopalis …….The guys talk about how crappy Detroit is and there are really no hotels to stay in downtown…….Cat said what he likes about going on the road is not having to wake up early and come into the studio to see Doug picking his teeth with a matchbook…….Mark Mulder was scratched from playing for Memphis last night in Nashville…….The Cards said it was because of Mulder’s sore back, but Cat wonders if it is a hand laceration……. Cat said he would have him make multiple starts before bringing him up……..Derrick said it seems like every time Mulder is close to coming back he finds a reason to start a new rehab assignment…..Derrick said maybe there is some connection between Mulder’s new windup and delivery and his back pain……The Cards are trying Matt Clement as a reliever to try to get a return out of their investment…..Todd Wellemeyer was supposed to throw last night, and he may make the start on Thursday……Albert Pujols is expected to join the team in Detroit today, and Derrick said he thinks Albert will come off the DL Thursday and will want to play.

Boy George dated a dude in his band back in 1984……Tim’s Aunt Maureen got him a Culture Club album for his First Communion……..

radio host don imus is in trouble again from talking about black people on his radio show…..his co-host talked about pac man jones being arrested 6 times since being drafted by tennessee, and imus asked his co-host what color pac man was. when the co-host said that jones is black, imus said well there you go……imus said people want to get him and it is ridiculous. he said that what people should be outraged about is that police target black people and arrest them for no reason……pac man said he is praying for imus……doug said you can’t kill anybody but white middle-class men…….

John Mozeliak:
John said he didn’t think Cat was on the show…..Wham is not Mozeliak’s favorite song either……Tim keeps getting rumors about stuff and texts John to make sure they are right before he reports on the rumors, but Tim is worried he is texting him too much….Mulder experienced back spasms, and the Cards don’t think it’s too serious…..John said it is frustrating, and the team wants to know what he has to offer….. It is apparent that Mulder isn’t going to give them much so John said that they have to figure out what they are going to do to get more pitching whether it’s internally or by trade……The team is going to have Matt Clement try being a reliever to see how he does throwing 20 to 30 pitches and more often instead of 100 pitches every 5 days…..Albert Pujols is feeling good, but they will have a much better gauge on when he will be back today when he gets on the field in Detroit today……John said they were all really optimistic about Chris Carpenter coming back, and there is no structural damage in this latest set back. It is more likely something that is a common bump in the road in his kind of rehab…….Mozeliak said that no one would’ve thought that the team would be doing this well with all the injuries……John said that he thinks Ryan Ludwick, Pujols, Kyle Lohse, or Ryan Franklin could be the Cardinals representative in the All-Star game…….John said that they are trying to get Chris Duncan to perform like he has for the Cards and to play like he is capable of doing…..They sent him down to get him more at bats so he could try to find his swing….The family ties “of course” influence how they deal with Chris but do not influence if he is on the roster or not.


Doug would have Tim in a headlock which explains his mis-shaped head and Cat would be off to the side eating cake if there was a billboard promoting the show.

WWE Wrestling Recap:
Tim missed the WWE last night because he was grilling and watching There Will Be Blood with his wife……Doug watched it and said that part of the stage fell on Mr. McMahon…..The guys briefly played a clip of Vince yelling and then they talked about the stage falling on him…..Vince’s body is huge.

Nick Stavinoha:
nick said there are so many guys from the minors up here it is easier to make the transition to the big leagues….nick played middle linebacker in college on scholarship, but decided that baseball was the sport for him…..he called his wife first when he was called up. he’s not sure what he will do with the ball from his first major league hit….it was an awesome environment to get his first at-bat in fenway…..he said he was nervous but it went away as the game went on, but he was anxious the entire time……nick led the memphis team in hitting all year but wasn’t concerned about not being called up yet… he was focused on helping his team win and worrying about performing……it is a lot different to hit at each level…..colby rasmus was seeing a lot of different pitching at triple-a than double-a so that is why he was struggling earlier this year. however, he raised his batting average considerably now and will do fine…..nick grew up as an astros fan, but he wasn’t crushed when pujols hit that huge home run off of brad lidge..….nick said that when brent stover comes over to get him on the fsn pregame show, he will tell him that he only goes on with the cat.

Leftover Riff Raff:
Jim has to have a smoking jacket on when he is having a serious conversation about poker…..Tim is going to wear the diapers like that astronaut wore driving across the country while he is playing incase it goes late into the night……There is special trace paper you can use to trace your balls……Tim’s I-Pod is full of gay songs because he is gay……When he leaves the studio he checks out guys…… Doug is big on Jesus and Cat is big on waffles…….Wham is not John Mozeliak’s favorite band……Zany is better than Nutty……Nick Stavinoha said the first thing he did when he was called up to the big leagues was call Tim’s wife…….