Tuesday’s Show Synopsis…….

Ben Boyd, Tue, 17 Jun 2008 16:19:00 GMT

Tuesday's Show Synopsis


cat is in a great mood today, and he wants to thank whoever made a back for the pop-a-shot machine to keep the basketballs from going all over the floor everyday…..cat is also happy because there is in fact an afternoon game this thursday so there is an opportunity for producer joe to wear his beret in the locker room.

Cat talked to Joel Goldberg yesterday and he thought that Joel would come on the show today but he is going to be on the Fox Hole this afternoon……..Cat didn’t see his hands because he was on the phone……Doug said there is a lot more room in the studio for Joel during the Fox Hole because his hands are so big and there are 3 hosts in the morning.

Doug said that the professional stadiums in St. Louis have saved the downtown area. The stadiums in Kansas City are outside the city, and they don’t have anything to do downtown…..St. Louis was probably the worst downtown city in America before the stadiums were built downtown.

Travis made the worst call ever in the history of Tim McKernan hosting radio.

“Mary the carpet muncher” called in to say she is happy with the developments in California yesterday, and the lesbian kiss picture on the web is of two women who have been together for more than 50 years. One is 87 and the other is 84. Mary said that she would like to get married if she got the same benefits that other married couples have…..
“Everybody used to be gay but then the feminist movement changed that, and now people like to be referred to as lesbians, trans-gender”……St. Louis has a huge lesbian per capita….Gay people are moving out of the CWE, and they are moving to Tower Grove and Soulard. Novak’s is the lesbian epicenter of St. Louis…..Cat has been in Atomic Cowboy and it looked like there were some softball players in there…….Cat wants Tim to consider having a WNBA night as one of his events……1 of the 8 listeners of the Morning After is gay so around 12% of the listeners.


Peter Kessler of XM Radio:
Peter said the rejoin song was the worst song he has ever heard……There has only been 3 one hole playoff finishes in US Open history…..Kessler said the match this weekend was one of the most incredible wins of Tiger’s career. Tiger hasn’t gotten past the pain stage of his recovery so his knee hasn’t been able to start healing. Peter doesn’t expect to see Tiger compete at the BMW Championship in St. Louis because of the injury……. Some surgeons believe that Tiger will need to have reconstructive surgery.

The guys wonder if it is bad for Tiger to win all the time because when he can’t play in an event it is almost second class because everyone wants to see him.

Nic Richie of TheDirty.com:
the guys talk to nic about the checks from marcus and brian giles that he has on his website that they paid hookers in spring training. nic said he has proof that the checks he posted on his website are for services because he got them from a “pimp.”…..brian giles fell in love with the girl and has moved her out of that industry and she lives with him now…..on the st. louis page of thedirty.com, the d-bag is named “tatuouche”…… luis gonzalez will be the next player to be featured on the website either this week or next week….nic said that it’s illegal and immoral for these players to be using prostitutes when they have a wife and kids…..it blows his mind that players have to go that route because they should just be able to sit in a bar…..nic said that he hasn’t had any other problems with kobe recently, and the lakers have done a great job of making the cheerleader in question disappear.

Doug said that there are ads for escorts all over the website so he doesn’t understand how Nic can out people who are using what he is advertising.

Yankees co-chairman Hank Steinbrenner is upset that his top pitcher Chien Ming Wang got hurt running the bases in Interleague Play. “The National League needs to grow up and join the 21st century,” said Hank Steinbrenner. He said it’s always a concern of American League teams because the pitchers shouldn’t have to worry about running the bases.


WWE Wrestling Recap:
Doug has maintained for years that instant replay is needed in professional wrestling….The guys play a clip of Vince McMahon trying to give away more money, but the guy didn’t answer his phone when he called…..Vince left a message “sorry, you had a chance to win $50,000 buddy but you blew it because you weren’t watching.”….. Doug wants to know how much people paid for tickets to watch Vince make phone calls.

Tim contacted Jim Woodcock to ask him about what Peter Kessler said about Tiger probably not coming to St. Louis—he’ll be in St. Louis only if he’s coming on vacation to hang out with (the show). Woodcock emailed Tim back and said that Tiger’s participation in the media day last month points to the fact that he will be participating in the event. Woodcock also pointed out that Tiger won the event in 2007 and he usually defends his championships.

Kyle Lohse:
kyle said he was expecting to have a good season like this and things have been going great….the cardinals haven’t really had many talks with him about extending his contract yet, but he said that he would be open to hearing what they have to say…..kyle said he would like to stay but there is a business side too, and everything would have to work out. it has been an all around good experience, and he agrees with the cat that the best part of playing in st. louis is being about to go on the fsn pre-game show……dave duncan simplifies his approach out there and gives him a game plan. kyle will tell dave what he says after watching video, and dave either agrees or disagrees and they come up with a game plan to exploit weaknesses of the other team….. lohse said he can’t really change his mentality because wainwright or pujols are out. he has to go out and try to pitch well every time out…..pitching in the all-star game is not up to him so all he can do is keep going out there and pitching like he has been doing. he said the main focus for him is to keep winning……. the team doesn’t care how people view them or who they are playing because they go out and play to win and have great chemistry. kyle said you don’t need chemistry to win, but it helps and makes everything more fun…..he was drafted in 1996. kyle said in the minors he went 3-18 in aa, and the rough part was that he was 3-4 and lost 14 in a row. however, he kept going out there and working hard and actually made it to the majors the following year…..kyle said he usually hangs out with other starting pitchers and they all go golfing together…..he isn’t sure how todd wellemeyer is feeling and isn’t sure if he will make his next start or not… kyle said that brendan ryan is going to have to look somewhere else if brendan thinks that he will be his mall buddy.

Leftover Riff Raff:
Cat is going to sell his “Gun Smoke” memorabilia so he can help buy A-B…..People are so excited upon actually winning “wingy wingy” that they actually spontaneously combust……Michael Bolton is like Barry Manilow in terms of everyone says they hate him but he sells millions of cds each time they come out…..The way to dance to the Communards is to slow dance cheek to cheek and beard to beard…… Edmonds wanted to come on the show when Cat was out of town….Doug did “the sprinkler” to the Communards rejoin music….Guests who don’s show up can be sponsored by U-Gas.