Tuesday’s Show Synopsis……..

Ben Boyd, Tue, 10 Jun 2008 17:19:00 GMT

Tuesday's Show Synopsis

Jay Jr. filled in for the Cat today…..The guys discuss Cougars next door and go over different places to find them…..One contestant was in Maxim, and she is excited to be in the Cougar competition.

There is a picture of the party from Lush this past Friday of all these hot girls and you see this head down, and it’s clearly Producer Joe. He said he tilted his head down to hear his girlfriend, and the guys laughed at him. Doug said he looks like he was hit over the head with a blunt object and is passed out.

The guys talked about Adam Wainwright’s finger injury….Adam said that it felt like a jammed finger, but Doug said 15 days on the DL is a lot for a “jammed” finger….. Mitchell Boggs can really give the team a lift if he can have a good start tonight…..The Cards have given themselves a little bit of a cushion by going 11 over .500 so far so it’s not horrible if they struggle a little bit, but they threw a lot of real close games away too so far this year….Jay Jr. said he really doesn’t understand what they are doing with Anthony Reyes. He said if they don’t bring him up they should trade him even if they just get a bag of balls because he doesn’t know what he can do to improve his value……..The guys all agree they would like to see Reyes start Thursday especially over messing with McClellan….Tim sent John Mozeliak a text to see if Reyes was out of options and John wrote him back that he is in his 4th year and still has options. Tim then sent him a text asking if Anthony may start Thursday but he hasn’t heard back on that question.

there is a report that roger clemons had viagra in his yankees’ locker, according to a story in the new york daily news…..the story said he was likely using it for off label purposes including for reasons that could tie into steroid use……tim has taken viagra to see what it was like, and most of the time it made his heart race but one time, he said there was nothing he could do—-“i had to wait it out.”

There is a subdivision in West County that is well known to be a “swap fest.”….Jay said there was a rumor of a country club in St. Louis where there was wife swapping at night after playing golf and having a few drinks…..Doug wonders if you would be very excited about doing that because he said you would be hoping you would get to hook up with the playmate in the corner but you know you would get burly woman.

Keith Law:
Keith said that the schedule for the Cardinals for the rest of the year is going to be a lot tougher than it has been so far…..He said that there will be a lot of competition for the wild card, and he doesn’t think the Cardinals will have much of a chance to make the playoffs…..Keith said that he thinks the NL Central is a very weak division, and the guys butted heads with Keith about how good the Central and Cardinals are this year……
The 2006 Cardinals were the 2nd worst team he has seen win the World Series in his lifetime, with the worst being the 1987 Twins (who beat the Cards)…..Keith ranked the Cardinals’ draft as in his top 5 overall, and he said Brett Wallace was the 8th best player in the draft and the best college bat in the draft according to his rankings so the Cardinals got a lot of value in their first pick at #13 overall. Keith said he thinks it was a great pick, and he should move very quickly through the minors…..He said the Cubs are clearly the best team in the National League and could probably hang with any team in the American League, and the Philadelphia Phillies are the second best team even though their starting pitching is horrible…..Keith said a lot of what happens with the 2008 Cardinals depends on what happens with the Brewers.


WWE Recap:
last night vince mcmahon was calling people live on the air to give them money. daniel in 29 palms california won $200,000 by knowing the password “wwe universe” when vince called him…..tim said that in a show prep meeting last year someone brought up that vince mcmahon was killed in a limo accident, and they seriously were wondering how they should cover it……obviously it was just a wrestling storyline, but then chris benoit died soon after that and vince had to come back to life and make a statement.

Dave Duncan:
Dave said they are wishing for the best, but that finger that is injured is a very vital part of a pitcher’s performance, and Wainwright won’t be back till it’s 100%…..It could be a longer term problem than 15 days, but hopefully not. Dave said he has never had a pitcher with a problem like this, but he talked to someone who has seen similar injuries and it kept the pitchers out a couple months…..Todd Wellemeyer should be able to make a start on the 14th against Philadelphia. Dave said he got a very good report from trainer Barry Weinberg last night on Wellemeyer……Dave said they are going to discuss who should start Thursday today at the ballpark. He said the #1 consideration would be Jamie Garcia, and the others are question marks……Dave said that if they were looking for multiple starts then Anthony Reyes would be a consideration, but there are a lot of games left and they want to have a reliable option available later in the year if they need to bring someone up so they want to have Reyes keep pitching as well as he can down in Memphis…..They are not really looking to move Kyle McClellan to the starting rotation because it is really hard to make the transition mid-season. Dave said that he doesn’t know if Pineiro will be available Thursday so it really looks like it will be Garcia making the start…..

dave said surprisingly mark mulder has turned a corner and might not be as far away as people would think. he said that mulder has really responded to the change in his arm slot and has a couple really good sessions so they are excited to see how he throws today…..he also said that matt clement could be closer to coming back than previously thought……dave mckay has been working with the pitchers’ hitting…..mitchell boggs is not where you would like him to be he has some refining to do with his off-speed pitches. however, he has an above average fastball with some movement on it. right now, he will pitch tonight and probably on the 15th against philadelphia…..dave said he thinks pitchers are probably diagnosed more now than in the past, and it is more likely for guys to be put on the disabled list to get healthy instead of having them throw at 80-90%……….dave said they don’t really have a time table yet on guys coming back, but they are going to have pineiro throw off the mound today and see how he throws. if he is feeling good, slight adjustment that has allowed him to take a different path from the glove to the throwing position. they didn’t have a gun on him, but it looked like a good velocity. dave said he’d like to see mulder pitch like he did before the cardinals got him in the trade…..dave doesn’t think he’s seen mark as excited as the way he feels and the way he’s been throwing in a long time. he said that sometimes it’s just a little thing that can make all the difference…..chris carpenter had a little set back last week but is back in the groove of things and they hope to have him back around the all-star break…..izzy will come into st. louis and throw a bullpen session for dave on friday….. unfortunately, the situation with chris duncan has irritated dave a lot with how the media covered him. he said one player shouldn’t be singled out from the others, and all players should be treated the same. he said that chris is doing what he can to get back up here, and dave didn’t want to talk about the situation publicly.

Leftover Riff Raff:
Brett Wallace looks like a linebacker according to Doug……Doug said that they knew Roger Clemons was using Viagra because someone heard him singing that “Viva Viagra” song…..Jay took a shot at a pre-op tranny and then his mic fell off the stand……Colby Rasmus has a song you hear when you call his phone and Iggy said it is “I’m a super star.”…..The guys want to trade Chris Duncan and Anthony Reyes to Philly for Chase Utley….