Tuesday’s Show Synopsis………

Ben Boyd, Wed, 04 Jun 2008 00:35:00 GMT

Tuesday's Show Synopsis

the guys are very disappointed that the cardinals lost last night, and they wonder if adam wainwright should’ve been yanked before he gave up the grand slam. however, they all agree that while they were watching the game no one wanted him to be taken out because he is the ace and he was working a shut out.

Tim was talking to Jim Edmond’s business partner at F15TEEN yesterday, and he said that Edmonds would like to put together an event when the Cubs are in town in July. Tim thinks that if Edmonds didn’t have such a big weekend, he wouldn’t be on the Cubs’ team anymore……Every woman who called in the old show had a thing for Martin. Doug said that Martin is considerably cuter than Cat or Tim, but Tim said he thought he (Tim) was cute as a button.

Tim was also bewildered by Tony LaRussa not pinch hitting Brendan Ryan for Skip Schumaker because he isn’t as good against lefties…..Tim wants to hear from callers to see what was the most frustrating for them: Wainwright being left in; pitching outside to Jason Bay when you have the shift on; or Schumaker hitting instead of Ryan?……Doug said the Cards have had seasons when they have only lost one or two when leading late in the game, and this year they have done it around 7-8 times already this year.

Big Z looked into the Qdoba debacle because he was listening to the show yesterday when someone tried to use one and the person working said there wasn’t any money on it. However, Big Z said that the gift cards do work.

Tim got an email from Dave Sinclair #2 that said Tim needs to drive slower on Hwy 44 on his way to work. It said that Dave got a call from a citizen and a police officer saying Tim was driving too fast…….However, Tim said he was wronged, and he was harassed by speeding hoosiers in a big pickup truck…..Cat said all anyone wants on the road is a thank you wave if you accidentally do something……Tim emailed Dave back apologizing.

Continuing the story from last hour, Cat said if Tim called in and complained to the city police about the hoosiers speeding, they would’ve jumped in their time machine and tried to catch them…..Cat gave his road rage story. Cat moved over for a truck in pouring down rain and got right in front of someone who then pulled up next to Cat yelling at him. Cat rolled down his window and actually spit into his car and it landed on the passenger seat. The guy then went ballistic level 5 and screamed for Cat to pull over and fight, but then Cat was laughing and not upset anymore so he tricked the other guy and got off the highway.

doug then told a story about his wife yelling to someone to slow down in their neighborhood, and then the guy slammed on his brakes and backed up and started cussing out his wife so she called for doug to come out and help her. cat said he thinks doug hid in the pantry behind bags of chips, but doug said he went outside and the guy yelling at his wife was around 5’1” and weighed 96 pounds. doug said if the guy got out of his white truck he thinks he would’ve broke his neck…..cat doesn’t believe him and gets doug to admit he hid in the kitchen and told his son to go outside to help his mom.

Cat said that Doug will be in a nursing home later in his life, and pretend like he is doing sportscasts. Cat pretended like he was there and said, “Oh no there’s Doug sitting at the table again putting oatmeal on his face like it’s make-up…… “2-2; 2-1; That’s a goner.”

Cat said he keeps a puppet in his glove box so when people have road rage he reaches for it and people are like “oh no, he has a gat,” but really you just have a puppet and everyone gets a laugh……Cat’s friend has a turkey leg in his glove box.

The guys ask Rick about pitching on the outside of the plate with the shift on, and Rick said that Jason Bay rarely hits that pitch, and Rick thought it was a good pitch……Doug thinks that Braden Looper should’ve pinch hit last night…….Joe Mather has made 2 spectacular catches in the last 2 games, but he will still be part-time status right now. He should be a starter next year…..Hummel said he doesn’t see Chris Duncan being here next year because they will likely have Mather, Rasmus and Ankiel starting in the outfield……Rick said he’s not concerned about Colby Rasmus……Todd Wellemeyer has a good strong arm, and he might even get better than this.

The guys played some sound from the O’Reilly Factor last night from the McClellan interview, and wondered what McClellan’s real intent is behind writing the book…..Tim said Bill O’Reilly has a way of making you question your own point of view by the time you leave his show just like Kevin Slaten because of how they argue with you.

Colby Rasmus:
colby joined the guys and sounded like he was half asleep at first…..colby said he is more comfortable now and has figured the pitchers and league out so he is hitting better now…..he said it was a rough time not making it to the majors after spring training, but he has put it behind him and will try not to think about it again…..pitchers are smarter at the aaa level; they are smarter and don’t come after you as much…….colby said at the beginning of the year, he was trying too hard, and the pitchers weren’t giving him anything to hit…..he thinks he got his hopes up too high by not making the club out of spring training and that could’ve effected his performance early in the year…..colby said that mather deserves to be in the big leagues, and he is a great player and friend……. rasmus said aaa is not what he expected it to be, and when they go to different cities they don’t always play in front of big crowds.

WWE Wrestling Recap:
Last night was the best wrestling show in a week……Vince McMahon took a shot at some of the Mexicans in the audience in Bakersfield, California, when he was talking about eligibility of winning his $1 million dollar giveaway…….Doug said people shouldn’t be pushed to vote by the WWE because they don’t know what they are voting for.

Leftover Riff Raff:
Cat thinks Doug should stop gambling away all his money so his kids don’t have to eat just saltines now…….You can’t hardly drive through Kirkwood without getting stopped by a train……Cat likes referring to movies as “movin pictures”……Back in the day, the question wasn’t about road rage, but if a gentleman should offer a tiperello to a lady…..Festus is considered the Paris of the Mid West…..Cat used the word “nads.”