Tuesday’s Show Synopsis..

Ben Boyd, Tue, 29 Jul 2008 16:18:00 GMT

Tuesday's Show Synopsis

Producer Joe had too much big boy stuff to do yesterday so he could only get 2 guys who work at the station for guests…..

the guys wonder what happened to juan gonzalez? he hit well the first couple weeks of spring training. he probably isn’t in the plans anymore after the guys broke the manny ramirez interest…..the cards don’t need gonzalez anymore because now they have joe mather….tim isn’t that impressed with mather, and doug thinks he will strikeout a lot, but cat thinks he deserves respect for sliding under the fence at the ballpark…..cat said if the cards get manny, he will take mather under his wing and help him become a star….. manny is great with the younger players…….

Cat hopes making Izzy the closer works…..The minor league coaches said that Chris Perez had to adjust to not being out there every night, and he lost his groove so if Izzy doesn’t come through, they should try Perez……

Martin Kilcoyne:
martin joins the guys from rams camp……jay glazer was at camp for two days lifting weights with the team…..martin couldn’t lift with rene because of the rivalry; he might have to drop a weight on his head…..all the national media guys are stopping at rams park on their way to green bay……h was upset because he went to the karaoke bar up there and it took an hour to get to sing his song because all the young ladies got to sing first……jim thomas is the real journalist, and everyone else is just worried about the food……at lunch the players made donnie avery stand up to sing a song and he didn’t know any so they made chris long get up there. david vobora got up there and they sang together “you lost that loving feeling”……

Martin talked to Linehan in the parking lot, and he said that Steven Jackson not being there yet doesn’t bother him much yet, but he said to ask him in a couple weeks if he isn’t there yet…….Martin doesn’t know what gets him into camp though because the Rams have told him they aren’t going to negotiate till he’s in camp…..There is a potential deadline of next Friday that Jackson needs to be in camp or he won’t be a free agent next year if the current collective bargaining agreement is voided…..There is no question that Jackson is underpaid, but the Rams have offered him a contract that would put him in the top 4 running backs in the league…….It wouldn’t make sense to trade Jackson this year because the team needs to win this year…..

Cat used to be a radio DJ in college. He was a station manager when he was a senior, and he used to keep the giveaways…..Doug had to use records when he was in school. He is 75 years old…..

Bernie Miklasz:
Bernie is back from vacation in Baltimore…….Cat said, “we want Manny, we want Manny, we want Manny!”…….Cat said we can trade Mike Parisi and Rico Washington for Manny, and Bernie said it’s too late because now we can’t package Anthony Reyes and Chris Duncan…….Bernie doesn’t think the Cardinals will really trade any of their prospects, but he thinks only Colby Rasmus is untouchable……Chris Perez is not a Dave Duncan pitcher…..They want sinker/slider pitchers who pitch for contact. They don’t care about strikeouts…..Perez is a power pitcher, and Bernie said the Cardinals should trade him if they are going to try to change how he pitches because they are having such a problem finding a closer this year, but still won’t use Perez…..Cat talked to Perez in Memphis, and he wouldn’t come out and say is, but he is baffled that he didn’t get a call to close during this bullpen meltdown…..Bernie doesn’t see the Cardinals making any moves so he would be surprised if they made a move before the deadline……It makes sense to put Izzy back in the closer role to see if he can handle it, and if Carpenter and Wainwright come back healthy, the team may look smart by not giving away their prospects……The Rockies now may end up trading Fuentes after all, but the guys just don’t know who the Rockies fancy from the Cardinals……Bernie said he would have to know what was offered and what was turned down before he goes marching in the streets if the Cards don’t make a trade by Thursday…..Bernie said that as far as being ready for the season, he isn’t worried about Steven Jackson, but he thinks he is a hypocrite lecturing fans about selling tickets and not being loyal but holding out when he has a contract in place……Steven’s sister Rhonda drove his first agent nuts, and it looks like she did that to his second one too…….

Tim is always sick, and he went to the doctor who said that he had a cold. Cat said he went to doctor.com and typed in Tim’s symptoms and it said that Tim is a girl……Cat said when he comes into the office, the staff calls him Sally…..Doug watched an infomercial on vacation when it was raining all the time for a guy who was selling a colon cleanser…..This guy passed a nest of tape worms and decided it was time to cleanse his colon……Cat said Tim would feel better if he bowed his neck…..

WWE Wrestling Recap:
cat wants to know if they have to do this segment…..new competitor jamie noble demanded a title shot……jamie has been around for a while, but he used to wear a mask and pretend he was an asian…… “i don’t know who the gm is, but he/she needs to recognize that jamie noble is a champion.”……you can hear jamie’s west virginia accent….cat thinks he sounds like a housewife in alabama who doesn’t like the look of new neighbors who may be jewish……

Ryan Seacrest was bitten by a shark, and he thought it was a stick, but he saw it swim away….It felt like a splinter…..Cat said that sharks don’t like the taste of people, but if blood touches the water there is a feeding frenzy……

Leftover Riff Raff:
Cat is a big boy……The guys don’t know how to pronounce Mequon…..They make hot dog jokes everyday to make fun of Mike Golic on the Mike and Mike show…… Martin has been walking around Mequon doing his Angry Martin…….La Roi Glover would be the Ram to shush Martin…….The worst night of the year is the night before your vacation is over……Producer Joe flipped off Cat for accusing him for having crabs…..Doug is very loyal to the girl next door parties…..Tim doesn’t have a tumor; he went to the doctor and just has a cold…..Cat said you can get a big Z-pack from a doctor and you can put it on and gain instant baseball knowledge…..