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Producer Joe, Tue, 15 Sep 2009 11:55:00 GMT

SEGMENT 1–Doug Is Worried About Harassment, Summer Is Behind Us The Cat Is Sorry to Inform Us, Homeless People + Sombero = Summertime, Blue Lagoon Talk, Wellemeyer and TLR Did Their Best to Keep That Game Going Late Last Night, and Doug Is Looking Forward to Hearing What Jim Hayes Enterprises Is Bringing to the Table Today—CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

SEGMENT 2–Fox Sports’ Ken Rosenthal Joins the Show to Discuss the Last Week with the Cardinals and Any Cause for Concern, the Bullpen Is Unproven in a Postseason Situation, the Cardinals Are the Best Team in the National League Right Now, What Do the Cardinals Do if Franklin Struggles Heading Into the Playoffs, Tough to Rely on Lohse, the Cardinals Are Not Going to be Close to Signing Holliday Until 10 Seconds Before He Signs, Will the Cubs Make Sweeping Changes this Offseason, and Weighing Postseason Rotations—CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

SEGMENT 3–Doug Needs a Moment to Reflect on His Lost Love, Whats An Endless Love, Hello Mike Lee, What Does Mike Eat for Breakfast, Is Toast Really Bread, Mike Lee Might Want to Use Tim’s Wedding Video for A Birthday Party Commercial, What Day Is Mike’s Birthday Party Going to Be Held, and Welcome Back to Tuck Talk—CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

SEGMENT 4–It Is Not Raul Ibanez or Eric Davis, Eric Davis Came Out of the Cardinals Clubhouse Wearing a Derby, Hungry Eyes Contains Some Stalkerish Lyrics, Doug Couldn’t Say No to the Gal at the Cell Phone Kiosk at the Mall, Booze Booze and More Booze All On Us, Kanye Drinking Booze with Michael Jackson’s Dad, and Audio From the Jay Leno Show Last Night with Kanye’s Apology—CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

SEGMENT 5–Gabe DeArmond Joins the Show to Talk About Coming to Grips that Mizzou May Lose That Game on Saturday Night, Using a Tight Game As a Stepping Stone, Gabbert’s Performance in the First Half, Blaine Did Something That Chase Was Never Able To Do, Can Furman Scare the Tigers This Week, and Looking Ahead to Nevada in Two Weeks—CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

SEGMENT 6–Time for the WWE Wrestling Recap Brought to You By Jim Hayes Enterprises with Audio from Batista and Randy Orton, and What the Hell Are Jewish Snacks—CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

SEGMENT 7–Dan Dierdorf Joins the Show to Talk About Hating to Interrupt This Dynamic Programming, the Turning Point in Sunday’s Game, Seattle Is As Rapid As Any Stadium in the NFL, There is a Certain Honeymoon Period with This Football Organization Right Now, .500 Would Be a Super Bowl Year with This Rams Team, Incognito Needs to Be Smarter with His Passion, You Can’t Just Cut Richie Though, Can Passion Translate to Wins Down the Road, We Will Know Alex Barron’s Future By the End of This Season, and There Are a Lot of Holes to Fill—CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

SEGMENT 8–Another Song That Brings Doug Back to the Days of Skiver, Hot Cross Buns Was the First Song Ever Made, You Should Not Play Games That Involve Taking Off Your Shoes, and Tim Receives a Creepy Email That Requests a Picture of His Girlfriend—CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

SEGMENT 9–The Ticket Guys Email of the Day—CLICK HERE TO LISTEN