TMA – Segment 2: Patriots owner Bob Kraft getting cucked?

Who is our favorite gay vocalist, discussing Misty Plops being winless in February EOTD, David Cline of Hedonism is a Great American, Robert Kraft apparently got his younger girlfriend pregnant or is it a cuck situation, talking trust fund babies and inheriting debt, when will Michael Porter Jr. return, Iggy holds Doug accountable, how many tacos per sitting do we eat, reviewing Hrabe’s call on the Cards spring training contest yesterday, Iggy is wearing his rasta hat today, Doug needs new sunglasses again, Kelly Chase joins talking Blues presented by Petro-Mart, what are Doug’s keys for the Blues to get HOTT, should they ride Hutton the rest of the year, Iggy wants to respond to some comments made by Lern on Tim’s podcast.