TMA – Segment 2: Iggy game plans for Stormy Daniels

Doug warbles The Masters theme again, Branson is becoming an oasis for golf proper, background on Jay’s interview with Tom Watson, additional golf chatter, Iggy and Biff should cover the Bass Pro tourney, what will Iggy cover in his Stormy Daniels FB Live, Jennings is excited to have an AVN Magazine with Lisa Ann on the cover, talking about logistics for the Stormy interview, attempting to improve on our Blues playoff analysis, update on Iggy and Doug’s wager on The Masters, hopefully Iggy won’t cuss again now, Iggy’s Drops of the Week presented by The Post, Biff is Iggy’s porn bobo now apparently, joining now is Brian Lawton from NHL Network, discussing weak vs. soft goals, are the Blues perpetually snake bit, they could still get hot though and just win this baby.