TMA – Segment 2: Katy Perry’s Weird Comment, Tyson Nash Talks Blues-Preds

Tim found himself enthralled with A Few Good Men on TV late last night, Demi Moore was quite a dish, did height play a role in the casting of Kevin Pollack, Tim wants the Vaughn boys to come shower at his house with him, Tim reads an interesting tweet that holds Wong accountable for his walk-up music, examining the lyrics of said song, what is a Boy Foy, discussing Katie Perry’s current appearance and latest controversy, teasing ahead to the Keisha Grey audio, former Blues pest Tyson Nash joins us now, what kind of changes will we see from the Blues tonight, how much pinching will take place, ridiculous hockey-related talk continues, Mike Lee checks into the program, congrats to We Are Live on their new on-air opportunity, #FunWithAudio regarding Al Davis’ diet from Bill Simmons, Doug used to be hooked on diet soda and shrimp cocktail just like Al, The Cat is predicting a quick Cardinals game this evening, listener review from Kirkwood Brewhouse that included an encounter with Tim, Injun Joe is into boots apparently.