TMA – Segment 1: Plow Boy is a fan of Khaleesi’s nips

How likely is Doug’s big channel to cover this evening’s TMA Live, discussing last night’s exciting Blues tilt, will Doug watch West Coast hockey tonight, testing the delay of Tim’s remote connection, did Ben Boyd sabotage us again, do Cardinals fans deserve a World Championship this season, investigating a texter, Doug and White Colla Gangsta are at odds over Jim Boeheim, why don’t people watch the show from our patio, Plowsy has a dentist appointment after the program, flat breaking down the Fantasy Baseball draft including Drew Silva subbing for Deke Dotem, Plowsy is still watching Game of Thrones, he’s a fan of Khaleesi’s tear-drop nips, the Red Sox scout is very active on the text line, discussing back hair and medieval times, were the Pyramids built by aliens, now we’re talking ancient outhouses, rehashing a porta potty voyeur, more unexplained mysteries.