TMA – Segment 1: Mrs. Cusumano emails Deke Dotem

Baseball season is upon us, we’re concerned about the weather in New York, how many people have viewed our classic #FFF videos, stepdad talk, how much Deke Dotem stuff infiltrated Danny Mac’s FB Lives with Tim, Fun with Audio of Frank Cusumano explaining how his wife ended up emailing with Dotem, Doug is disgusted and refers to Deke Dotem as human malware, Tim’s update on Bryce Harper fishing in the middle of a golf course, Iggy talks about playing golf with Tim’s dad, what is Dotem’s marital status, discussing Doug’s shoulders and natural golf swing, could we get Vaughn’s golf outings sponsored, remembering when Strode phoned Gussie Busch for Cardinals tickets in the mid 1980’s, discussing Country Club catering and why there’s no tipping, Iggy doesn’t give his age.