TMA – Segment 1: Iggy tells all about his criminal past

The Cat has returned and he’s ready to embrace Hot Takes, discussing the strategy for grabbing up as many Dexter Fowler bobbles as possible, we’re a softball bulletin board, breaking down those NBA playoffs, there’s an Iggy appreciation post on TMA Fan Page, discussing logistics for the Dotem Golf Tourney, should there be a feature on Iggy in the newspaper, Mike Lee joins the program, Iggy Strode faced criminal charges in the past, Tim discusses his first experience with Bitcoin, The Cat shares sound investment advice, Doug is disheartened by the demise of Tower Tee, Iggy has questions about Huntleigh, what happened to the alleged Red Sox scout, Plowsy likes the Cardinal Nation FB page, discussing hernias and old exercise products, Iggy talks about a Naked News Network.