TMA – Segment 1: Iggy is pricing Lisa Ann Fleshlights

Welcome to Chuckles, Doug is disappointed by the Cardinals performance last evening, finding Bradley connections in the 1987 World Series, Doug’s lower back is aching now, Iggy breaks down his team for The Dotem, now discussing the fashion at the Met Gala, trying to understand how the Olsen Twins are so wealthy, Wikipedia is edited yet again, chatting about hover cars, Ray King joins the presentation while ordering at Taco Bell, wondering about sweet riplet dust, reading some interesting texts, Doug made another attempt to watch Game of Thrones and wasn’t into it, talking Billions then anal scenes, Charlie drops spoilers, Iggy gets corrected on his TV knowledge, recalling the cast from 1992’s A League of Their Own, pricing Lisa Ann’s sex toys, when does school get out.