TMA – Segment 1: Forensic study of the latest Fan Page news

There’s a fly buzzing about the studio, the Fan Page was dead on with their reporting on Dustin Johnson being in St. Louis and needing a place to hit balls, celebrities continue to infest the STL area proper, how definitive is the photo evidence, reading Tim’s exchange with Roth, would Dustin Johnson really hit off of a mat, Doug is not convinced that any listeners have encountered Gretzky, would Wayne really have to handle his own business at FedEx, Plowsy is buying in, the nitwittery continues, Doug did a spot for Big Bend Golf Center but somehow doesn’t know anything about it, when did Dennis Johnson perish, Dustin should’ve played The Rock, what does a bucket of balls cost, Deke Dotem is now attempting to contact Paulina, who is the biggest star who maintains a home in St. Louis, Sea Monster has made contact with a Gretzky rep but doesn’t gain much new information, we pawned the Rally Cat story.