TMA – Segment 1: Doug doesn’t care for curmudgeonly coaches

Doug breaks down the Florida Panthers and then holds Nick Saban accountable, The Cat is captivated by Tua, Fun with Audio of S.E. Cupp talking about cucks, Jalen Hurts responded to the QB change with poise, will Georgia rebound next season like Alabama did this year, how do people who are Bulldog and Falcons fans feel today, listening to the game-winning calls from last night after a mini-rant from Doug, Saban was actually smiling after the TD, Doug doesn’t care for curmudgeonly coaches, Iggy critiques Tom Rinaldi’s performance, discussing how coaches and managers control the message, more on the Crimson Tide, how likely is Jalen Hurts to transfer before Mizzou finally visits Tuscaloosa this October, would Saban consider retiring soon and is Dabo Sweeney the obvious successor for him, discussing Nick’s diet, Plowsy has a mini Apple Pie, are college boosters really just giving away millions, classic Audio Fun from Phyllis on Finebaum, the Alabama kicker doomed gamblers who had the under, did the refs cost Georgia, Plowsy forgot to get a WWE clip, will Georgia native Prod Joe phone into the program, Tim talks live betting strategies.