TMA- Segment 1: Boy’s posted up at Llywelyn’s for Home Opener

We are live today at Llywelyn’s Pub as we celebrate Cards Opening Day. Doug isn’t going to be much good to anyone today after that Blues lose. Doug is dressed in a nice blazer. Jam packed show today. Who has a bigger audience, us or KMOX? Seamonster trying to get in the backdoor. Tim is probably streaming. Sadie Hawkins and Doug wants to talk Blues loss to Chicago. Doug still bitching about Daddy Padre. Scott Foster not doing interviews. Cam joins the Show to break down Blues loss. Yeo doesn’t blame Jake for the loss. Hockey is a game of 1/2 inches. A lot of listeners are having their appendix taken out to be like Tim. Mark Mcgwire says he would have broken the HR record without taking PED’s. Cat says that’s not news.