TMA at Cardinals Spring Training: Thursday’s Question of the Day

The Ryan Kelley Morning After is in Jupiter, FL this week for Cardinals Spring Training. Each day Nick Yahl and The Peoria Plowboy will bring you question of the day.

Thursday’s question of the day provided a curveball for the guys as the Cardinal players exited through two separate doors.

Through the traditional exit, half of the team walked towards the practice field, while the other half entered onto a charter bus, with the destination unknown.

“The Morning After” at Cardinals Spring Training: Complete Coverage

Plowboy approached this group of players and asked them, who the smelliest player was on the team and if they preferred Godfather Part 1 or Part 2.

He also asked them where it is they were going, but many of the players didn’t know.

Lance Lynn went missing during question of the day, but emerged from the clubhouse later on, in order to avoid plowboy.

Dexter Fowler invited Plowboy onto the team bus, but he declined, afraid he would get beat up by the players.

Check out the video below:


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