TMA: 3.) Random nitwittery, Email of the Day

Opening remarks on LouFest
Intern Neal joins the program
TMA taking text submissions
Tim discusses the golf tournament in Farmington
Is Tim going to play in the golf tournament?
TMA talks getting rid of crickets
The crew discusses how much a hellicopter will cost?
The thought of an Uber to Farmington is discussed
Plowhawk talks his favorite pizza
Jim is voting for the candidate that buys him lunch
Can Doug’s son pull a pitch…Just once
Jim tells Doug to show some compassion for the children
Is Johnny Peralta really happy at third base?
Cardinals and Cubs have opposite roles this post-season
Big Al calls the program with some positive feedback
Matt E calls the program
Prostate Problems become the topic of discussion
More text submissions discussed
Doug suspends more text and email submitters
“Text of the Day”
“Email of The Day” -Wins custom golf club fitting
How wonderful are the troughs at Wrigley Field
Emails from listeners are read