TMA: 3.) Preston Wilson, Email of the Day

Show Notes:

Doug needs to start watching Ray Donovan again, Marlins broadcaster and 2006 World Series champion Preston Wilson joins the program, what was Doug’s reaction to the cuckold situation on Ray Donovan last night … Maggie O’Briens #FunWithAudio, The Bachelorette finale is tonight and Doug is having a viewing party at his house, listeners are leaving us post-it notes again, is Mizzou a dark horse in the SEC this year, John McCain just released a statement that strongly rebukes Donald Trump, Tim is convinced that Trump will win Missouri, Trump should just continue talking about mosquitos, who cares if the debates are up against NFL football, the GOP gubernatorial primary is a complete toss up, would Tim really want to be President, how many people walk around with mannequins like Big Al, discussing the Foot Fetish Friday winner at Hotshots last week, what kind of golf clubs are we using, Plowsy is having Hamburger Helper for dinner, The Cat asks Doug for parenting advice, more golfing discussion, Email of the Day.