TMA: 3.) Mike Faulk, Cuts of the Week, Email of the Day

Post-Dispatch reporter Mike Faulk joins the show on short notice to discuss why money is still being spent on the riverfront stadium project, our lensman has arrived in studio, do you ever put salt on watermelon, Frank pronounces Speidini awkwardly, should you tip bathroom attendants, Plowsy gets feisty with Doug on the topic, Iggy is added to the thorough lemming list, remembering the 590 The Man press conference, what is Doug’s jam outside of journalism, why does the Fan Page need unity, Big Al checks into the presentation to explain why he attended the Indy Car press conference and not the Petro one, is Doug qualified enough to perform Big Al’s job, Doug conducted an interview yesterday and didn’t know the Indy driver’s name, it’s the Bertarelli Cutlery Cuts of the Week, Audio Fun of the promo for Skip Bayless’ new show on FS1, Email of the Day.