TMA: 3.) Marlon Anderson, Email of the Day

Marlon Anderson was a member of the 2004 Cardinals and is now a Phillies TV analyst so he joins us on the presentation now, do the Cardinals have enough strength in the rotation to advance deep into the playoffs this season, Tim thinks that the Mets are the biggest threat to compete with the Cards for the second wild card so the series this week is huge, more Audio Fun from Kristi Yamaguchi’s family being on Family Feud with Steve Harvey, this is followed up by Steve in Wildwood, Darryl Strawberry is worried about the life of Doc Gooden due to an apparent relapse in drug use, Tim is finally getting into the new season of Orange is the New Black, discussing the history of local interstates, more talk about poor life decisions and how much substance abuse can be considered a disease, is Timmy the Tickler in danger of being indefinitely suspended like Dotem, Tim doesn’t use LinkedIn much, explaining what a straw man argument is, Email of the Day.