TMA: 3.) Derrick Goold and email of the day

Country Clubs want TMA at their Golf Course. Doug loves jet ski’s. Doug doesn’t care to bond by sharing a bedroom with another man. Doug was tweeting like the dickens during the Rams game. Derrick Goold joins the Show. Fire alarms going off at the course, but no one is evacuating. It’s only Monday, but Plowboy says its been a long week without them. Doug wants to know who does the show with Iggy on 590. Iggy not interested in doing Celeb interviews with stars from CW TV Shows. Morning Shows are big on talking cool summer salads. Also doing segments with Olympic athletes making arts and crafts. Cat thinks the text line is a delight. People emailing Tim asking for their own show. Buck Swope wants a 1 hour show using TMA segments put to music. Cat thinks the name of the show should be called Buck Wild. Swope is putting together a super cut of Deke Dotem from 2012. Doug wonders if Swope has a job. Doug thinks Swope will extort a show with threatening to post fake nude pics. Timmy the Tickler is suspended. Doug not happy with Swope wearing a fake Green Masters Jacket. Tony the Plow Dow wants a show. Vestal still has his own Fan Page, but not getting much action. Just pics of diaper changing stations. Maybe Iggy and Plowsy should do a wrap up Show. Email of the Day.