TMA: 2.) Weekend programming update

Janie the Lesbian (Credit: Buck Swope)

How many times will we accidentally say 920 after we move on Thursday, Iggy will be rejoining the TMA crew once we’re at 590, Tim also provides an update on weekend programming at KFNS, Buck Swope is going to have a show at midnight on Saturday during which he plays old TMA segments and analyzes them, explaining why We Are Live is now moving up to afternoon drive, Caller Ellen opens things up on The Appliance Discounters phone lines to talk about Buck Swope’s upcoming presentation, in an uprecedented move we’ll be both a Fox Sports and CBS Sports network affiliate, is being on Doug’s thorough lemmings list actually a punishment, how is Bill Simmon’s TV show going because he’s doing less podcasts, Tim is also bullish on Malcolm Gladwell’s podcast, Audio Fun from the VMA’s, Shrewsbury Seminary Student calls into the program to ask the Butter Squirrel to phone in, when is our fantasy football draft, there’s a nice slate of College Football games this week, Charlie has questions about Doug’s sportscast from last night, is Producer Joe ousting Roderick as fantasy league commish, Big Al joins the presentation, what’s the point of us being on radio, does Doug have a garden, discussion of Wil Wheaton and Stand by Me, updating Doug on Ray Donovan, Jonathan Lipnicki (the kid from Jerry McGuire) is both tight and rewarding now at age 25, Chuck was once in the same movie theater as Katie Holmes in 1999, is she now dating Jamie Foxx, discussion of Jamie Farr’s nose, why did people buy into Scientology.