TMA – 2.) Rick Hummel, nitwittery

How did we end up with Michael Wilbon on the show and could it still get embargoed, replaying the Kevin Harlan call from last night, John the Mizzou rocks guy joins via The Appliance Discounters phone lines, will Timberfake put up the strap against Ryan Kelley, Tucker calls in to describe lesbianism in the stands at Busch Stadium last night, discussion of secret lesbionic societies, is this Tucker legit, Kerry Kittles is up next to wish Tim a Happy Birthday, Rick Hummel joins the program for a Hotshots Cardinal report, up next is the Shrewsbury Seminary Student doing PBP calls, Caller Adam interrupts the conversation to discuss taxes and his relationship with Tom from Salt + Smoke, Iggy refuses to pay a parking ticket he got at the ballpark recently, Plowsy further explains his admiration of Caller Ellen, the TMA Fan Page is closing in on 4K members.