TMA: 2.) Rick Hummel, random nitwittery

Show Notes:

Boy Band guru Lou Pearlman died in prison, how is Tim’s lesbian orgy coming along for his birthday on September 27th, how much longer will Tim live, The Cat only plans to get him a card as a present, Tim had a 3 hour sit-down with the Barnhart Brawler yesterday discussion of which included alleged enabling of Timberfake, Doug asks about activity on the Fan Page, what’s the policy on the STLtoday comments section, remembering Rex Davis from KMOX, how many fake social media accounts of Doug are there, lots of #Lemming behavior on the text line, Doug is critical of Obama playing golf, discussing Ryan Kelley’s latest TMA billboard, joining us from Philadelphia for our Hotshots Cardinal report is Rick Hummel, Maggie O’Briens #FunWithAudio as Larry called in from his bathroom 5 years ago today, Plowsy checks in, a frisky waitress bothered Doug last Thursday, our listeners apparently followed her to a state fair over the weekend, Chrissi Runnergirl posted on the Fan Page that listeners are now becoming Friends with Benefits because of the page, Tim’s dad is now texting to set up golf dates with his son.