TMA: 2.) Random nitwittery

Press conference coming up soon about the new station. The last one for The Man and Woman didn’t go so well. Media packets and food for the media. No one showed up. Doug tells Tim to say meal, not dish. Tim remembers having booze with Edmonds and Spezio. Spezio ripped up Tim’s golf hat. Getting up early during the week puts a damper on partying on the weekend. Tim doesn’t want a dog because his last one got hit by a car. Tim had steak diane in Chicago. Tim doesn’t have a go to hotel in Chicago. The one he stayed in this weekend had loud banging early in the morning. Tim explains where the noise was coming from. To make up for the inconvenience, the hotel offers to buy Tim breakfast. He got a free night. Doug would have cut the hotel manager. Cat not a fan of Bic Razors. He sent the company his bloody Kleenex. Doug has saved 1,000’s of dollars using Ryan Kelly, but Cat says Doug is still cheap. Tim was sent a picture of Big Al arm wrestling. Cat was on the arm wrestling circuit. Tim doesn’t like to dance. Doug wont do the boot scoot with Victor. Cat sees nothing wrong with two married men dancing with one another. Cats top three things he needs in a hotel. Clean, flat pillow and good AC. Sad Panda suspended. Big Al texts in to tell Tim he’s on hold. Cat say’s Al is like Carrot Top, always using props. Al recaps his arm wrestling match at Massas. Al recommends show options for afternoons. Tim wonders if Al is a new investor. Al offers to dog sit. John Vogel and Ben Westendorf join the Show to talk about the tournament and Cystic Fibrosis awareness.