TMA: 2.) #Twinks4Trump creator Lucian Wintrich, hot political takes

Lucian Wintrich joins the Show. Man behind Twinks for Trump. Lucian made Doug an honorary twink. Went from political talk to the Pirates are hot. Doug wouldn’t vote for Obama if he could run again. Iggy’s bird chirping text sound is annoying. Doug voted for Clinton, twice. Back to political talk. Doug and Charlie arguing about vetting refugees. Doug pigeon holing the party, not Chuck. Caller Nate joins the Show.¬† Thinks we should bring in refugees because Crestwood Mall and Northwest Plaza are empty. Now Matty Bear joins us. Feels Doug is an angry troll. Timmy Re Cap turns 40 today. Caller Robert agrees with Doug. Charlie has voted for people in both parties, as has Doug. Paul calls Charlie an idiot and Charlie wants him dumped. Dee calls in and wants to know why Doug would vote for Trump and not Obama.