TMA: 2.) Face The Nation’s John Dickerson, Tony La Russa

Moderator for “Face the Nation” John Dickerson joins the program to talk politics, why do people feel that cable outlets are biased for one party or candidate? Main stream media tends to lean more towards the left than the right, Dickerson shows his true passion for American History, Dickerson on if this Presidential election reminds him of any he can recall in American history, Dickerson discusses his favorite story in his new book “Whistlestop: My Favorite Stories from Presidential Campaign History,” Cat earpiece stopped working and completely interrupted John Dickerson during his story, Tony La Russa stops by the show to give Cat grief, La Russa talks about how much he loves being back in St. Louis, discusses what has gone wrong with Shelby Miller this season, La Russa is not a fan of how Cardinal fans treat Matheny and underestimate his ability as a manager, Charlie humble brags about buying a new TV.