TMA – 2.) Gabe DeArmond talks Mizzou-Georgia; Nitwittery

The Blonde Asian BETA is texting into the program, publisher Gabe DeArmond joins the presentation to discuss Saturday’s heart-breaker at home against Georgia, why did they schedule Delaware State instead of say SEMO, are the Cardinals well-suited to play in Coors Field, Charlie pats himself on the back for his prediction on Alex Reyes’ success, how will the Cubs perform now that they’ve clinched, what’s our current Bracketology, Big Al joins the radio program, Roger Goodell made some interesting remarks about a city not having to lose a team twice while discussing Oakland, the Rams are about as boring of an NFL product as you can imagine, Doug had another computer glitch impact his fantasy team, which listeners would we rather see at the next TMA Live, are PPR fantasy leagues more fun, Mike Bush has impressive hair, recapping the latest edition of Swope’s Picks, his interviews for the show are quite serious, how does he find all the drops, why couldn’t Doug hear Keisha Grey on Friday.

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