TMA – 2.) Gabe DeArmond, Derrick Goold, Nitwittery

Gabe DeArmand joins the Show to recap Mizzou’s win on Sat. Tennessee drew 156,000  fans on Sat. Kind of like one of our remotes. Doug was unhappy not having an NFL team to watch yesterday. Tim really didn’t care. Cat felt hurt. Doug wouldn’t be watching the NFL if it wasn’t for Fantasy Football. Kroenke will be in the bathroom for most of the game tonight. Big weekend in St Louis. Derrick Goold joins the Show. Fun with Audio featuring RG 3, Cal May and leather pants. Doug now suspending college football officials. ESPN Fantasy Football app crashes and Claire McCaskill wasn’t happy. Plowsy lets us know what is his ideal MILF. Plowsy finds Caller Ellen attractive. It’s Hamburger Helper night for Ploswy.