TMA – 2.) Derrick Goold, Jerald Andrews, Nitwittery

It’s our first Ween Wednesday at the all new 590 The Fan, Derrick Goold from the Post-Dispatch and The Writers’ Block joins us to discuss last night’s exciting Cardinals victory, Jared Goff is starting the season as the Rams 3rd string QB, Audio Fun from LaMarcus Joyner on Hard Knocks, ridiculous audio of a grade school teacher’s singing syllabus, Caller Adam checks into the program, Jerald Andrews is the President and Executive Director of the Missouri Sports Hall of Fame and joins us to discuss Stan Kroenke’s future in that fine museum, was Prod Joe watching Bachelor in Paradise during the draft last night, Jennings with Eddie Gaedel trivia, could this stunt have been executed in the politically correct world we live in today, Skip Bayless’ debut on FS1 was yesterday and Troy Aikman isn’t a fan, who really watches the fake argument shows.