TMA: 2.) Derrick Goold, nitwittery

Man this Ween Wednesday is sick, will Donald Trump ever learn to stop making ridiculous headlines, it’s time for our Cardinal reporter with Derrick Goold presented by Hotshots, friend of the show Mike Lee is having surgery today and our thoughts are with him, Maggie O’Briens Fun with Audio as Calvin May introduced himself to Alex Reyes, who are our most vile texters, Doug says he ate poorly on vacation, are eating at buffets like watching tranny porn when it comes to guilt afterwards, are we the Golden Girls of AM radio, how to spell lanai correctly, is Plowsy high right now, how was his reunion with said girl yesterday, another audio postcard from Iggy this time with Steve Guttenberg, what is the dark internet, how often does Doug notice a gentleman’s thighs, more Fun with Audio from Jeff Fisher on Hard Knocks last night, Iggy recently corresponded with Kevin Demoff, why do coaches say “okay” after making a point, why do political commentators often say “right” after they’re done pontificating, weird things our teachers used to say.