TMA – 2.) Mizzou talk with Dave Matter, nitwittery

Tim would love to bang to this rejoin music, we have Sassee Cassee drops already, do you enjoy the Jim Breuer goat boy character, Plowsy was disappointed to find out that Breuer doesn’t actually smoke weed, discussion of old comedian Foster Brooks, why do people participate in roasts, Lefty Jacksmear joins to talk about the Shiloh Homecoming this weekend, Tim is going to do a TMA Fan Page roll call so we can hopefully drive up to 4,000 members today, does Plowsy hang out with Caller Adam’s wife, he’s protecting his donuts after the incident earlier this week, Sea Monster gave out bad traffic information this morning, more new Fan Page members are announced, Post-Dispatch Mizzou reporter Dave Matter joins the program for a wide-ranging conversation, more new additions to the fan page.