TMA: 2.) Amy Trask, random nitwittery

Show Notes:

Ryan Kelley is on the line while training for his big bout against Timberfake, how awesome would it be for the title sponsor to also have the strap, The Cat’s wife is happy to have her own Sexy Coffee mug, Maggie O’Briens Fun with Audio as Chris Hansen is doing a Catch a Predator segment on his new TV show, The Cat would like to host a game show, The Ringer had an interesting piece on how the Rams departure impacted St. Louis media, what happened to D’Marco Farr, friend of the show Amy Trask returns to the program to discuss the NFL’s future in Las Vegas and her new book, we’re pushing back our next up and coming adult film star until tomorrow, will Jill Kassidy be in attendance at our next Hotshots event, Doug accidentally cut Steven Matz from his fantasy team.