TMA – 1.) Show Open: Timberfake-Ryan Kelley fight official

The Ryan Kelley vs. Timberfake bout is officially on and the strap will be on the line in February, where exactly will this fight take place, we have a highlight reel of the negotiations, will Danny Mac join the broadcast team for this fracas? The InsideSTL news team will be all over the lead-up to this contest, what’s planned for the undercard, Timberfake himself opens things up on The Appliance Discounters phone lines, did Larry Nickel send a midnight snap to T-Fake, Sex Louis wants Mike Lee in his corner, Money Man says that Hanna is about to become Hanna-fake, will Joshua sing the National Anthem, Timberfake says Toni Lee is jealous of Hanna, next the great Larry Nickel calls in to discuss his tenuous relationship with Timberfake, Larry likes to record personal good night messages for people, Timberfake talks baseball, will Larry Conners attend the fight, Sex Louis takes some shots at Prod Joe, did Tim create this star boy, who’s the odds on favorite in this bout, Fan Pagers are going around town taking pics of lesbianism in action.