TMA – 1.) Show Open: Kicking it at the .400 Building

Boys on the road at Biff’s suite in the Point 400 building. Cards beat Chi. Props to Matheny for lifting Garcia and going to Reyes. Moss looked good last night. Rosenthal close to returning. Cate thinks Gabe should become a Dominatrix. Lemming Open registration is now Open and Tim will be playing. Tim should travel with security. Big Al shows up at the ballpark with more hats for the players. Los Mart calls the Cat Poppy. Cal May gave Joe Madden an autographed picture of Butch Patrick, AKA Edddie Munster. Butch Patrick joins us tomorrow. Tim changed his Facebook profile pic to Butch Patrick. Butch hasn’t done much since the Munsters. Biff bringing the boys beer and fries. Butch is the new Cubs curse. The TMA Fan Pin conducts a background check before you can join. Biff now making waffle fries. Hogans Hero talk. Doug enthralled by the window cleaner.