TMA – 1.) Show Open: Live from Sperreng Middle School for Backstoppers

The boys are live at Sperreng Middle School to raise money for Backstoppers in honor of Officer Blake Snyder. Today’s show will be a little different as the nit wittery will be a little light today as we spend the show raising money for the Backstoppers. The grade school children are selling lemonade and they are chanting “Free Dotem” Doug did a science project on the inside of a dog’s mouth. Tim enjoys saying, “Morning Young Tikes” Most of the 5th graders are as tall as Tim. Does Nick the 9 year old go to Sperreng. White Collar Gangster stops by to donate. Doug has to Free Dotem or go to Jail. Doug Free’s Dotem for the day. D Bear stops by the remote. The boys are stopping 8th graders and asking about their favorite french fry. Mary McEntee joins us. Her husband, Sgt. Bill McEntee, was killed in the line of duty in 2005.