TMA: 1.) Show Open: Cardinals soar, nitwittery

The Cardinals shipped Jacob DeGrom last night, oh boy the wild card race is wild, what happened to the Giants, friend of the station Drew Silva tweeted about drinking beer, Wainwright needs to come around, Doug’s scouting report on Mets starter Seth Lugo, Metropolitan broadcasters are calling Grich’ the muscle, Tim might actually be able to participate in the St. Gabe’s Golf Tournament after all, Fungo checks into the program, tomorrow there will be a meeting of the new 590 The Fan staff catered by Lion’s Choice, PlowHawk likes Tim’s shirt, work-shopping how The Writers’ Block will be able to do their presentation even if they can’t make it to St. Charles, could We Are Live steal Gardner, television cameras caught a fan wearing his Lemmings shirt on the Cardinals broadcast, Deborah Gibson and Iggy provide an audio postcard, Timmy the Tickler sneaks onto our Appliance Discounters phone lines again, Tim offers an apology to the young lady that we honored at our up and coming star yesterday.