TMA: 1.) Show Open: Intriguing guest line-up

Doug excited about Twinks for Trump, but can pronounce his name. 20% chance of Jill Kassidy joining us. Is her Grandmother alive. Iggy tried to get all 3 of the pornstars on. He got 1. Plowsy big on the drops today. It’s easy to see the Hampton Studio’s now that the corn has been harvested. Steadman is teaching in Dallas. Is he teaching Board Op 101. Mark Dorsey texting in. From KTRS? Doug will be taking a John Boat to the studio’s in St Chuck. Now Jim White and Anne Keefe are texting in. The new line-up will be revealed tomorrow night at Hot Shots. Doug would like to be a 21-year-old again. I Shave my Balls is suspended. Plowsy is excited about tomorrow night and hoping Billy G’s is slow tonight. Tim have the Cards winning 8-5 last night. Cards and Wild Card talk. Tony Dow texting in pics of woman. Listeners sending in pics of their significant others, but are they real. Timmy the Tickler had to be dumped, then suspended for 6 days. Charisma Carpenter has a sex tape on Porn Hub. Adam calls into the Show. Followed by Big Al. Al loves Sandy Miller, and is happy the Show is coming to St Charles. Al wraps it up because he knows “We’re up against it”