TMA: 1.) Show Open: Friday nitwittery

What does The Cat think of Charlie shaving his lid, has this particular host combination ever done a show together in this building, Plowsy regrets trimming his nipple hair because it’s a tad chilly here today, which Cardinal players give The Cat the most crap, El Gato also recounts how Matt Holliday ended up wearing our TMA Lemmings t-shirt, the royal blue shirts are rare, Kolten Wong tried to tickle The Cat during his interview with Brandon Moss, Mike Leake and now Zach Duke refer to him as James Harrison Hayes, it was a challenging road trip when it comes to travel, will the Cardinals be able to capitalize on facing the Braves after failing to do so against the Reds, evaluating the Wild Card race, can we do the show in Chicago next week, Plowsy talks NCAA video games again, remembering The Spin Doctors, Mike Lee calls into the presentation, does Plow Boy enjoy stoner chicks, examining the Little Miss Can’t Be Wrong music video, The Cat is an incredibly happy father, was Ashley Dupre the girl in that video, will Rachel McAdams be invited to Tim’s lesbian orgy, more Spin Doctors talk, how does Plowsy sniff out weed dealers in random locations, why would you buy followers on Twitter.