TMA: 1.) Show Open: Big transition week

>It’s an all Chuck week on TMA, Charlie discusses his plans for his little brother’s visit, does Doug need to visit our St. Charles studios ahead of time, yesterday was the first start ever by “Triggsy” that the A’s managed to win, what do we make of the Cardinals at this point, Doug has never been on a cigarette boat, Vaughn is no longer on the Fan Page, Charlie found the vanity license plate pic on the TMA Fan Page funny, Chuck got caught using the handicapped stall at Busch Stadium this weekend, how does the Wildcard race shape up now, are the Pirates climbing back into contention, Tim proudly displays a St. Gabe’s championship golf banner, he was actually late for the tournament because of our first 590 team meeting, Tim recommends Pueblo Solis in South City, why did Fungo announce Tim as the golf tourney winner, Doug says they found a way for Tim to win, did Mike Lee really take a shower with his nurse recently, what other famous people went to St. Gabe’s, why are parents do tough on officials, was our former producer Willie a top athlete at St. Gabe’s, would Doug be able to even step foot in the St. Gabe’s gym, a discussion of what municipality Brentwood Forest resides in, Doug remembers the Coral Courts, lots of callers holding for the 8 o’clock hour.