TMA: 1.) Show Open: Live from Ryan Kelley’s World HQ

Live today from Ryan Kelly’s World Headquarters. Doug is brain dead because he drove to Hampton instead of the remote on Manchester. Sponsor Dotem and you make money. Edward Jones received 42 phone calls. Doug was at WIBZ, and if they didn’t get calls, he called and disguised his voice. Doug not happy with his picture on the Fan Page. Also not happy Dotem was on the Show Friday. Doug made a table with Greg Vaughn and cant get the glue off of his arm. Up and Comer starlet coming up today. A lot of Hedo talk. Hangin at Hedo featured some huge stars. Gardner found the movie on line. Charlie thinks it looks like a nice little flick. Doug’s fantasy team was hacked. Doug trades damaged goods. It’s hard to get excited about your fantasy team when you are in last place. Nicksy joins us for his WWE recap. Wrestling is fake? Deke Dotem and Toledo made Larry’s top 5 countries. Along with Neil Armstrong.