Joe Buck discusses dramatic Super Bowl LI, Howard Stern interview on TMA

More than 130 people packed The Improve Shop in the Central West End for Budweiser’s presentation of a Q and A with Joe Buck and The Morning After’s Tim McKernan. Joe and Tim discussed his new book, Lucky Bastard, his father, career and a myriad of other topics throughout the two-hour audience-involved event.

St. Louis native and Fox Sports’ lead play-by-play man, Joe Buck, joined The Ryan Kelley Morning After on Thursday.

Buck gave his thoughts on Super Bowl LI, which he called, and talked about his recent appearance on Howard Stern.

Read a couple excerpts and listen to the interview below (starts at 37:30):

Over the last week, you’ve appeared on Howard Stern and called an incredible Super Bowl. Is this the best week of your life?

“This is the greatest week of my life (and this interview) tops all of the assignments and opportunities I’ve had in the past seven days.”

How was your experience on Howard Stern?

“It was cool. It took some real serious work from (Stern’s producer, Gary, to make this happen). He really stuck his neck out for me and I felt some pressure…to deliver for him. I was more nervous walking into that studio than I was walking into the booth for Super Bowl LI…just because of the history of how I’ve been a fan of that show, all the guests I’ve heard…then getting a chance to be interviewed by him was thrilling. Thankfully it went well. He liked it, thank God.”

On the final call of the Super Bowl LI, did you wait to see the ref’s arms go up?

“Yeah, you have to…and thank God he got it right. I feel like sending the guy a car or something. If he puts his arms up…and he was wrong, there’s not much I can do…but then I’d have to go on the apology tour if he doesn’t get it and I just screamed they won the Super Bowl. You can’t really live that down. That’s just kind of the high-wire act that is broadcasting today. You’re in some ways just as fair game (as the people on the field). Mistakes are going to happen…but when it’s that magnitude at the end of the game, you better be right. Thankfully (the referee) got it right.”

More on the dramatic game:

“You go back and you think, ‘Did we make a big enough deal after the Julio Jones coach?’ All they have to do is kneel down basically and they win the game as long as Matt Bryant hits the field goal. And they didn’t. That gave Brady an opportunity. Without any of that, we’re not talking about any of this.”