TMA – 1.) Show Open: Doug #HotTakes on Mizzou football

Doug discusses his weekend at Missouri Homecoming, is Normandie just a golf course or a track as Jennings calls it, Tim golfed with some Lemmings there this weekend, is Bubble’s girlfriend a lesbian or bisexual, The Cat was suspicious of fellow soccer dads because of what was discussed on this program last week, how is Missouri favored against Kentucky after losing to Middle Tennessee? Listening to one of our favorite Ray Donovan clips, what did Tim think of Paul and will he have an MMF with Paul’s wife, Doug was up a bit late last night because of Lady Journalism, Tim slept at 100% over the weekend, Douglas has Hot Takes on the Rams’ play-calling in London, the NFL had another less than exciting primetime game last night, Rob Lowe held the Rams accountable on Twitter, does Tim actually do the dishes at his house, Vinny Bonsignore took aim at Jeff Fisher in his game story, Doug said that Mizzou had bad body language at halftime, remembering the Rams Rules, Mike Lee calls into the presentation, Tim discusses his plans for next weekend, who are the G.O.A.T.’s, our friend Rene Knott is doing Morning News now at KSDK, why doesn’t Tim like trivia nights, Doug recalls wearing bell-bottoms, who cheats at a charity golf tournament.