TMA – 1.) Show Open: Hello Charlie

Chuck is just back from vacation, is Vancouver like a European city, Calvin May is subbing for Eddie Munster as a guest on the show today, Iggy is working on some porn star interviews, today is friend of the show Kayden Kross’ birthday, will we provide daycare service for Kayden if she visits STL again, who should work the red carpet for us at the AVN Awards, Plowsy with more knowledge about Bronies, Benji and Emily open things up on The Appliance Discounters phone lines as they prepare for the birth of their 2nd child, our listener Tony Dow has now passed the bar exam, Charlie wants to know the backstory of Calvin May giving a Butch Patrick signed picture to Joe Madden, is porn a family business, how many spots remain in The Lemmings Open, did Charlie Brown depict lesbians and bottoms, putting together Tim’s team for the golf tournament, there are still 15K tickets remaining for Mizzou vs. Georgia, John Clayton says he’s hearing about a 3-year extension for Jeff Fisher and the Rams, was Fisher responsible for drafting Jared Goff, would Case Keenum have made the Rams a playoff team in previous seasons.